The robot cell's turntable with two work stations ensures optimal use of the arc.


A Plus for higher efficiency

The robot cell has a smart round turntable with two work stations. While the robot is welding on the inside, new parts can be prepared and fixed on the outside. This ensures an optimal arc efficiency.

High welding quality

CompactWelder+ makes it easy and manageable to automate small welding tasks. The welding robot ensures consistent high welding quality without spatter and welds 3-4 times faster compared to manual welding. Intelligent welding software ensure quick programming of welds and provide several parameter settings. The robot cell is available for MIG/MAG & TIG welding.

Plug & Play installation

The installation of the CompactWelder+ is based on the Plug & Play principle. Only connect the robot cell to power and an exhaust system, and the robot can start welding.

Offline programming

CompactWelder+ has the latest technology and can be programmed using the teach-pendant with a joystick and/or via the computer using an offline simulation program. That means, new parts can be programmed while the robot is producing. It saves time and increases your productivity. .


CompactWelder+ is risk-assessed, CE-approved, and has no limit to gun angle. In addition, the cell meets the requirement for effective protection against welding light, smoke and spatter. The robot cell has an integrated safety system, including mechanical safety locks and sensors in all doors.

Extras & opportunities

We offer a wide range of extra equipment for CompactWelder+, such as Virtual Reality programming, water-cooled welding equipment, seam finding/tracking, service station, integration of additional processes, tool shift, and more. Contact us for more information on the options for customization.

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COMPACTWELDER+ incl. ABB IRB 1200-5 welding robot
1500 x 2500 x 2100 mm
850 kg
Working area, robot
Ø 1266 mm
Reach with weldgun
approx. 1350 mm
Axis max speed
from 240 °/s to 600 °/s
Position repeatability
+/-0,02 mm
Power Source
from 320A to 500A


A compact TO GO-robot cell that makes it easy and manageable to automate small welding tasks in your production. Fast & easy to integrate, safe to work with and extremely productive.

For more information about our CompactWelder+ robot cell – write us a message with your questions and we will return to you as soon as possible.

We gladly provide a live demo of the robot cell at our location in Middelfart, Denmark or at our partners in Germany and Sweden.